Who we cater to


Who we

Cater to


For over 30 years our matchmaker agency in London, has provided an exclusive dating service catering to a niche market – high calibre, professional and affluent individuals. Our many years of experience and education have taught us what these individuals are looking for and we have become one of the leading specialists in our field of matchmaking.

In the modern world there are increasing demands on your time and attention and more options than ever before. We understand that successful individuals, especially, lead very busy lives and often don’t have the time to commit to getting to know someone for months on end before they realise they aren’t compatible with them on a number of variables (lifestyle, values, seriousness of finding a long-term partner). Our comprehensive screening process weeds out the “bad apples” (so to speak) in the dating market so that the only part you’ll have to play is going on dates and finding out whether you have romantic chemistry with someone who shares a similar lifestyle to yourself.


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