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Being someones first love is good but to be their last is perfect

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High quality professionals will travel to London to meet potential partners. 85% of our members work or live within, twenty miles of Central London. Our women are aged between 23 and 49, and are warm, attractive, educated, successful and slim (not over dress size 12 or 14 if over 5ft 9ins). They want to be introduced to eligible professional men. 80% of our ladies are aged 28 to 38.


Men should be aged 28 to 59-ish, over 5ft 5″ tall, with a solid professional occupation. We only take on clients seeking someone special enough to want to spend your life with. 85% of our men are aged between 34 and 49.

Members occupations range from doctors, surgeons, Queens Council, CEO’s, Finance Executives Banking, fashion designers, city traders, TV personalities, financial& management consultants, solicitors barristers, accountants, human resource personnel, and many entrepreneurs who own their own businesses. Our confidentiality is paramount as we have had one of the most famous people in the world as a member.

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Gold Membership Level - Executive Club of St James's

Membership Fee £1875
Monthly Service Fee £35

VIP cards with abstract quilted background.

Membership Fee £5875
Monthly Service Fee £135

VIP cards with abstract quilted background.

Membership Fee £12000
Monthly Service Fee  £145

With all memberships, a monthly service fee extends the membership period indefinitely.

Presidential Plus - Guaranteed Membership

Membership Fee £20,000
Monthly Service Fee  £145

This is a guaranteed success service or all your membership fee refunded. The only dating service we know of in the world with a success or full money back guarantee. It is the same service as Presidential with an absolute success guarantee, which states that if we should fail to find a long-term partner (usually to cohabitate or marry) within 2 years of active membership, we will at your request, refund your fee as follows: if you have had a relationship lasting 4 months or more with a member, we will refund 50% of your membership fee; if not, we will refund 100% of your membership fee if you do not find a partner within 2 years of joining whom you eventually live with or marry.

Presidential Membership

Membership Fee £12,000
Monthly Service Fee £145

This membership is a very high level service and is second to no other in the U.K., regardless of cost. It is similar to VIP but with many added benefits including Alun Jenkins (the owner) arranging your introductions when necessary and also setting up introductions with clients when they attend their initial interview in London. In addition, access to larger databases, we will also carry out personal head-hunting for you at no extra cost.

Additionally, you will have free access to Kathrine for dating/relationship consulting (up to 10 session) in her private practice. Therefore, we not only introduce you to quality people, those of your calibre, but we are available to help you navigate the dating process, ultimately creating the relationship of your dreams.

Given the level of service and involvement this membership level requires, we restrict membership to only 5 active men and 5 active women clients at a time. 

You receive all the benefits of VIP Membership for trainings (i.e. 100% of your fees for styling, make-up, flirting/relationships training refunded)

VIP Membership

Membership Fee £6,000
Monthly Service Fee £135

This membership comes with 10 minimum number of introductions in a year guaranteed. VIP members have no restrictions placed on their monthly introductions, be it introductions requested by them or by the other person. This membership also comes with a lifetime active membership – provided you pay the monthly service fee, you can stay active indefinitely.

In addition, you are assigned a dedicated advisor, Julia, who only works with members in this category. Julia has been with the agency for 20 years and knows the ins and outs of the dating world. Upon your acceptance into the agency, Julia will visit you and spend half a day with you at your home, learning about you and your lifestyle. At your request, she will see you every 2 months at your home, office, or our London office bringing hand selected profiles and photographs to you from which to choose your dates. In addition Julia will monitor all new members joining and telephone you with details of those who meet your requirements. This means you jump the queue and could be meeting new members within days of them joining. Your advisor also has access to the best of several other affiliated professional agencies to choose your introductions from, should the need arise.

Women: Very successful ladies aged from 33, and most ladies aged 39 or above will require this service level. Simply put, there are less men available who can match your lifestyle, as well as the fact that you are competing with younger woman for the same men. Jumping to the front of the queue can be the difference between getting picked for dates or getting overlooked for younger women. Likewise, it is harder to match highly successful women (we know, ironic, but we’ll explain further at the interview). Just 1% of the UK population earns £150K+. Once you take all the unsuitable options out, you’re left with only a small percentage of men that are actually datable and available.

Men: VIP membership is recommended for gentlemen of any age, but especially for those 43+, who want the best service available to them. This is especially so, if you want to meet ladies a lot younger than yourself. For men as well, if you’ve had a precarious relationship history – e.g. issues with commitment, predominately focused on work and your career, not much experience with women – we strongly recommend this level of membership.

You also receive the benefits of free flirt training and 3 sessions with Kathrine on relationship building as in the case of Executive Membership with additional 100% of your fees being refunded for styling and make-up training.

Executive Membership

Membership Fee £3,500
Monthly Service Fee £35

This membership comes with 10 minimum number of introductions in a year guaranteed. We will arrange, up to three introductions in a month at your request, plus any clients asking to meet you, therefore, we do not limit the total number of introductions in a month. This membership comes with a lifetime active membership – provided you pay the monthly service fee, you can stay active indefinitely.

You are allocated a dedicated personal advisor who will recommend members to you and tell you about them. She will also let you know about new members who have joined. Once a month you also have free access to meet with Alun or Kathrine (2 hours), who will give you advice on getting the very best from the service and tips/feedback on dating and relationships gleamed from 30 years of experience and education.

Included in your package is also a free flirt training session. The flirt training helps you understand how to create attraction in the opposite sex and will boost your confidence and ease as you begin dating, increasing your chance of success both in and out of the agency. In addition, Kathrine will see you for 3 sessions of relationship building, these sessions will help you understand how to create depth and intimacy in your long-term relationship. She will also teach you how to keep the passion and desire alive in your relationship as you build closeness and connection to ultimately get a relationship that is both emotionally intimate and physically passionate.

All listed memberships are lifetime memberships in our exclusive dating agency.

All prices include VAT where appropriate.

We accept Visa, Access, Maestro and Amex debit and credit cards.

Membership fees, where approved, can be spread over a period of time


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