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Do I need or would I benefit from a five hour interview?

When applying to become a part of our exclusive dating agency, you should normally opt for the 5 hour interview unless none of the facts listed below apply to you. If any one of these situations apply to you and definitely if two apply, you need and will benefit from the 5 hour interview – that is why we subsidise it (it normally costs £350 for a 5 hour interview). Many clients have found it life changing. A 2.5 hour interview enables us to screen out who we would like to offer membership to, but you will not have gained much of our knowledge about what your ideal partner is looking for and how to make a really good relationship happen. 98% of all ladies aged over 32 would benefit and should always opt for the 5 hour interview and around 90% of our male clients opt for the long interview.

If two or more facts stated below apply to you, and you only book a 2.5 hour interview we are unlikely to offer you membership as we will not take on clients we do not believe our service will work for. If you then need to come back for a 5 hour interview it costs £350. Your first interview is heavily subsidised at only £35 for a daytime 5 hour interview as we have found it the key to our success rate.

Someone wiser than us once said “if you do not change something about today, the future will be a repeat of the past”. In this case that usually means continuing to date losers or going through break-ups not knowing why things didn’t work out. You have to make some changes on yourself. A 5 hour interview will give you the knowledge gained in academia and over 30 years of experience to do just that. In 30 years not one client has ever said the 5 hour interview was too long, but, they have said, it was really informative.

Do two or more facts stated below apply to you? If so, you will need a 5 hour interview.

Men & women:

You did not start dating until 20+? Attended a single sex school? Shy or a private person? Single, argumentative or emotionally cold parent(s) or home life? Bullied/oppressed at home or school?Appear cold, old for your age or too serious? Not comfortable or do not trust/understand the opposite sex, lack focus, direction or self-esteem? Do not think you will want children? Moved schools or homes often? Not held onto a decent relationship for 2+ years? Predominately a one sex family – mainly women or mainly men? Strong mother and weaker father? Lack of warm memories prior to age 5? And most importantly, you would NOT aspire to settle for a relationship of a similar quality to your parents when you were aged 12 to 15?

Ladies Only:

In addition to the above: were your early dates with guys 20% older than you or married? Do you date losers – weak, mummy’s boys, cold selfish, mean, uncaring, married or deceitful men? Do you seek other people’s approval – is it important what people think about you? Do you give too much – are you taken advantage of and let down? Do you attract and date younger men? Do you attract men who are possessive, jealous, controlling and drag down your self-esteem? Do your friends tell you that you are too independent, scary or intimidate men, think like a man, not girly enough? Father who was often away from home, very busy, strict or grumpy? You kept one boyfriend through most of your time at university or lived at home when attending university?

Men Only:

Was your mother not at home under the age of 7? Was your mother unhappy or emotionally undemonstrative? Have you ever been told you are cold, insensitive or “too nice” or a “sweet man”?
All of the above have a considerable effect of frightening off a true soulmate (who wants a mediocre, average marriage that most people settle for?) and attracting the wrong sort of people to you. We would strongly recommend you take the 5 hour interview.

Who’s suitable for a short interview?

If you would give anything for a relationship as good as your parents had when you were aged 10 to 15, attended a mixed sex school and have several warm memories around the ages of 3 or 4, the chances are 2.5 hour interview is all you need; otherwise, the 5 hour interview is the key to understanding what you must do to break your unsuccessful patterns.

If you think 5 hours of your time is too long to spend on yourself, even as an investment in finding a lifetime partner, please do not call us – try internet dating or an ordinary dating agency. How easy is it for us to tell you about the nice members we have, take your money and send you out again within the hour – £35 for 5 hour interview, we certainly do not do it for the revenue. We believe this is an important part of the journey to finding your lifetime partner.

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