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Interview Process

For Our Executive Introduction Agency

WHAT DO WE ENDEAVOUR TO LEARN ABOUT YOu during your interview?


One of London’s most exclusive introduction agencies and the key to our success…

Alun and I both believe that the quality of a relationship is determined by the two people involved. Good or bad relationships don’t just happen, they are created by what each partner brings to the relationship – their vision, their hopes and dreams, their hurts and pains.

Therefore, we have specially designed our interviews to give us a thorough understand of who you are as a person. Our interviews are intimate, engaging, and insightful and always run one-to-one, with every single person wanting to join our introduction agency going through it. We believe we interview in far greater depth than any other dating agency in the U.K because we aren’t just interested in finding out about your hobbies or pastimes, we are interested in learning about you.

They are not meant to be intimidating or thought of as something that you need to “pass”, please don’t think of it this way. Simply put, it’s just a process that enables us to determine who you are, whether our members are likely to suit your needs and our services work for you. At the same time, you see whether we’re the agency for you.The goal is to see if we are both happy with our fit – you with our agency and us taking you on as a client.

We also spend a good portion of the interview teaching you what we have learned about attracting one’s ideal partner and creating a truly fulfilling relationship.

NOTE: For the benefit of our ladies we screen men out who we feel are weak, indecisive, lacking in ambition or financial security, mean, selfish, emotionally cold, macho and or just looking for “short-term fun relationship” usually based on deceit. Likewise, for the men, we screen for warm, intelligent sexually attractive ladies, who are successful but have retained their femininity (or rediscovered it with our help) and are looking for a real relationship and not one with your bank account.

Cost, location, length and interviewers?

The interview costs £30 and lasts from 3-5 hours. Clients are usually interviewed at our London training office located opposite The Houses of Parliament. In some instances, we are happy to interview at your home or anywhere else in the world (i.e. Europe, USA, Singapore), as we have done in the past, provided you cover the travel costs. For interviews held in our London office, we will waive the interview fee if you are accepted as a member.

Only two highly specialised individuals conduct the interviews: Alun Jenkins, who is the owner of The Executive Club of St. James’s, and Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan, who is an expert relationship consultant. Alun and Kathrine are also held to the highest level of confidentiality; nothing you say will be shared with anyone else, even with other staff members at our dating agency.

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