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As one of the best dating agencies for professionals in London, we take our selection process very seriously.

We have a very thorough selection process, customised service and seriousness with which we approach finding you the right partner.

Given our strict selection process we directly interview every potential candidate individually and hand pick only the best candidates (no one is exempt regardless of how large your bank account or how high your status!). This means that members have been vetted before you meet them, cutting your chances of dealing with time wasters, gold-diggers (men and women pay the same membership fees), and cheaters. Therefore, you get the opportunity to date different people of high quality in a much shorter time period than what you would be able to do in the ‘real world’ or by online dating. We educate you about romance, relationships, men/women, and what creates attraction between the sexes, giving you the knowledge and wherewithal to know how to successfully manoeuvre through the dating process.

Additionally, one of our biggest perks is our accessibility and discretion. We aim to keep things personalised, by always dealing with clients on a one-to-one basis, giving each person an individual experience. You’ll never be referred to a pamphlet, be given a brochure or receive an automated email from us. Instead if you have a question, just pick up the phone anytime and contact either Alun or Kathrine directly, or your advisor, if a member.

This pertains to individuals even after they’ve become clients. We don’t suddenly become less available once you’ve become a member and paid your fees. Feeling stuck, uncertain about how things are going, excited to share your experiences? We love hearing about our members’ progress so just ring us or come in for a review with Alun and Kathrine and tell us all about it.

Our office hours for new member enquiries are Monday – Fridays 8am to 9pm on 0207 930 5555 (you are welcome to try at weekends, we normally take calls – but no promises!). For members our dedicated dating line is 01323 490666 7pm to 9pm Mondays to Thursday.

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