Asked Questions

1. How do I join your agency?

For those interested in joining, we ask you to first contact us on the telephone 07909261035 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. You are welcome to try weekends, if we are available, we will take your call.

During the phone conversation we will take basic details about you and get an understanding of what you are seeking from an introduction agency. If we think our agency is appropriate for your needs and we can help, we’ll set up a longer, face-to-face interview.

During the interview we will get to know you and ask you key questions to determine your compatibility with our agency. We can then tell you honestly whether our service is likely to work for you or recommend a more appropriate agency instead. If we feel comfortable with each other, we’ll invite you to join.

2. What types of people come to your agency and who are your clientele?

We cater to a niche market – intelligent, capable individuals with a variety of careers and professions (doctors, teachers, artists, etc.). Therefore, our agency attracts successful professionals who have good careers and are now looking for a long-term partner to share their life with. Relationships may have not always been these individuals’ primary focus in the past as they placed an emphasis on building a successful career. At a stage now where they feel more confident about their career trajectory and feel that they understand themselves better and what they can offer a potential partner, they are currently looking for someone special to enjoy and share their life with.

3. Do you interview all members?

Yes, we believe we have the most intensive interview in the business. Every member takes part in a comprehensive interview and is considered for membership individually*. Members are obliged to declare information other agencies would not ask – medical history, financial status, problematic past. This enables us to protect our members and ensures people are honest about who they are and/or clear about any special circumstances upfront.

*We also have access to additional databases for introductions. If we allow you access to these potential dates, they are not members and have not been screened in the same way as members, however, you will always be informed of this situation.

4. Who do you not invite for an interview or offer membership?

We expect all members to be intelligent, articulate, socially skilled and well-mannered. We must feel happy to have you represent our agency as a member and feel that other members would also enjoy meeting and dating you. As our aim is to bring people together and create lasting relationships, it is important that you be the quality of individual that members can potentially see themselves settling down with in the future.

Moreover, we must believe that you will benefit from our services and you will be comfortable dating our members. From our decades of experience, we have found that our service does not work for everybody. Therefore, we will be direct and honest from the outset, advising you of other agencies more suitable for your needs. For instance, if an individual’s longest relationship was less than 6 months or he/she has just come out of a long-term it is unlikely that our agency will be suitable.

5. Where, when and how much do the interviews cost?

Clients are usually interviewed at our London training office located across Westminster. In rare cases we may interview you at home.

Interviews generally cost £60 on weekdays and evenings. In most cases we do not interview on weekends, but may, for an additional fee.

6. How many members do you have?

Over our agency’s history we have had thousands of members, but active members, at any given time, are a much smaller quantity. While most people ask about member numbers, it’s also noteworthy to mention, membership figures are often misleading. If an introduction agency has thousands of members, but they are of low quality individuals whom you could find online or at a pub yourself, then joining becomes meaningless. Large memberships can only be accrued over many years from clients for whom the service failed. Therefore, huge client figures can often indicate poor service, unsuccessful matches or ‘undesirable’ members.

Finding a partner is not about quantity, but quality. We are very selective in who we accept as clients and base our criteria of joining on a number of important variables (hence the 3-5hr interview). There is no point in setting you up on 20+ dates if hardly any are quality individuals (i.e. unintelligent, ill-mannered, too young/old, unattractive, bad attitude). Therefore, we intentionally keep our membership numbers moderate and are very discerning about who we take on as clients; this better ensures successful introductions.

7. How do you find your members?

Our members generally come to us through two routes. The first is through the recommendations of past members who were successful with us and are now living their “happily-ever-after” or had an overall positive experience with us and gained a lot from our services.

The second route is by people finding us themselves. They may have been actively searching for an introduction agency because they have limited time and opportunities to meet the calibre of people they are seeking; the local pub, café or even online dating sites aren’t places that have the quality of individual they want to date that can match their lifestyle and are also wanting a long-term, committed relationship. Additionally though, we sometimes get clients who have read articles published online by Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan about love, dating and relationships or heard her speak at a venue and have become interested in joining the agency.

From time to time, we also advertise in major newspapers, magazines or other media sources including: The Saturday Times, The Sunday Times, The National Press, The Evening Standard, top financial publications, most quality women’s magazines, commercial radio, specialist magazines such as GQ, Time Out and Tatler. Furthermore, we have access to additional databases of professionals for dating. While these individuals are not directly members with us, we allow some clients, depending on their membership level, access to this wider range of potential matches.

8. Can I see photographs?

 In most cases, no you cannot. Given the caliber of people we have as members, maintaining confidentially is very crucial and one of our most important benefits. Indeed, we have had the privilege of having one of the most famous people in the world as a member. However, we don’t use famous or high status clients to attract memberships, these individuals wouldn’t join if we tried to benefit from their fame or prominence in this way.

Vintage members and above only may be show photographs of potential matches, if appropriate. However, these individuals are already members and under a strict contractual obligation to maintain absolute confidentiality.

9. What defines an introduction?

An introduction is when two members have been told about one another and have agreed to a meeting. At this point name and telephone numbers will be passed on to each other to set up a date. It is a condition of membership that you should meet each other, even if it is for 15 minutes over a coffee. If for some reason you cannot contact each other, call us and we will investigate.

If after talking on the telephone the member is reluctant to meet you, call and tell us. If this happens to you more than 1 in 10 occasions, it is almost certain you are doing something on the telephone to put them off. If this is the case, call your advisor who will assist you and, if need be, arrange an appointment with one of our staff to advise you on how to improve your success rate. Remember we cannot make people like you; at the time we initially told you both about each other, you both wanted to meet, otherwise the introduction wouldn’t have gone forward. If you are not getting the best from the service, call in and make an appointment to meet with Alun or Kathrine – it’s free.

10. How many introductions will you offer me?

This will very contingent upon your membership level. However, other than Passive Membership, all our other membership levels come with money-back guarantees if we fail to provide you with the number of introduction we promised. We are the only dating service in the UK we know of that guarantees you a minimum number of introductions in a specified time period and gives you the right to a proportionate refund of your joining fee if we struggle to meet these terms.

We will arrange up to two dates at a time for you, provided that you have no outstanding dates to meet.

11. Do I only meet members of the same membership level as myself?

No, you may meet members at all levels of membership. The fee you pay is for the level of personal service you receive from us and the ability to access new members more quickly or access a wider database outside of agency-only members. However, with our Passive or Original memberships you are not able to select Vintage or Prestige members, but they are able to select you, indeed, they were probably told about you the week you joined

12. Does nationality, colour, religion or fluency of English affect the service?

Yes, it can. We will explain how these circumstances may impact your dating probabilities during the interview. About 80% of our members are causation English; 20% of our ladies and 10% of our men are from a variety of other ethnic backgrounds, but have generally lived in the UK for several years.

13. Does age make a difference?

It certainly does. Our matchmaking closely correlates with fertility rates and real world biological constraints as most people that come to us are still looking to have kids. For our agency, we have found it best to impose limits on ourselves and service a more niche market (those within the age range of 20 to late 50s). In this way we can provide the best service possible to our members; rather than taking everyone, but only providing average service and second-rate introductions.



  • Under 24We do not usually accept ladies under 24
  • 24 to 27 Younger professional men are still building their careers so they tend not to be seeking a long-term partner until late twenties/early thirties. If you are prepared to meet guys ages 32 to 35ish, then it may well be a good investment.
  • 28 to 33 The service usually works very well with a wide choice of good quality men looking for lifetime partners.
  • 34 to 37 A good choice of dates. You should initiate dates as well – don't just wait for guys to date you.
  • 38 to 41 To get the best from the service you will need to request dates for yourself – especially so, if having children is still on your radar – but you should still have a wide choice of people.
  • 41 to 49 As very successful gentlemen who still want families, given the choice, tend to date ladies younger than themselves, the service starts to slow down and you are likely to have to initiate dates to get the best from the service.
  • Over 49 In general, the availability of our men is somewhat limited compared to the other age ranges, however, we may be able to pool from a larger database.


  • Under 26We do not accept you, as we cannot attract enough girls under 25 to give you a service we would be happy with.
  • 26 to 32 You will need to do most of, if not all of the dating, as attractive single girls under 30 are usually dated frequently, but we have a good choice of really attractive intelligent ladies for you.
  • 33 to 38 Ladies may date you as well, especially if you are interesting and tall. Generally, in this age group, the service works very well.
  • 38 to 59 Quality gentlemen in this age group nearly always get snapped up quickly.
  • Over 60 In general, we discourage ladies over 49 from joining us, however, we can access dates from other, larger databases.
14. Does it matter where I live?

Maybe, majority of our clients live within 20 miles of central London. However, people of a certain calibre living outside of London (our members have ranged from Scotland, Ireland, to the Bahamas) have little option but to travel to London to meet people of the quality they require. Generally, for the initial first 2 dates, members travel to Central London even if they live abroad.

15. Can I have training and advise on dating, makeup, style, etc.?

Yes. We have found this to be very helpful to the success rate of our clients. Therefore, we make considerable contributions towards a consultation with independent consultants. For memberships from Vintage upwards you may also have a free 2-hour consultation/review with the owner Alun Jenkins or Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan.

We strongly recommend our relationship/flirt training to everyone even if you join another agency. Many of the people having gone through the training have reported gaining an enormous confidence boost about attracting the opposite sex, along with excellent results.

16. What if I want more support in dating and relationship?

Let us know, that is why we employ Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan. Kathrine has her own private practice where she works with couples and singles on their relationship concerns. She will arrange to see you either in conjunction with your membership at The Executive Club of St. James’s or separately in private practice.

17. How successful is the service?

This obviously depends on many factors, but be guided by our ’10 RULE’: for every 10 people you choose to meet through our service, experience tells us 2 will be a complete waste of time; 6 out of 10 will be very interesting, but without enough in common to take things further; 2 out of the 10, you will date several times and they will become friends. When you have 4 good friends, one is likely to become so special that you leave us. Never judge us by meeting only two or three people. Provided that you meet members TWICE, the ‘10 Rule’ works.

We define success as nothing less than at least living with your long term partner and hopefully an awful lot more and probably a future with children (that takes more than 3 weeks though!).

18. If I wait, will it get cheaper or do you have special offers? What about guarantees on your services?

We do not discount our fees to new members or charge different prices for men and women. We want our members to be decisive about their desire to join us and understand this is a quality investment into their future, rather than because we offered them a ‘sale discount’. We also never do pressure selling or buy-on-the-day and get reduced price; we want our clients to feel excited about their decision to be a part of our members’ list. We even offer a 3-day cooling off period, in case an individual went home, thought about the membership and decided within 3 days this was not a path they wanted to pursue at this time.

However, yes, we offer guarantees on our services given that we are confident in what we do and are still one of the only professional introduction services in the UK with refund guarantees. We have several guarantees that we will go into depth before you join, but here are a few of the major one's clients inquire about.

  • For Original membership and above, we guarantee you a certain number of dates in a year, otherwise we will give you a proportionate refund
  • We want those joining us to be excited about their decision to be with us and begin their dating journey, we never do pressure selling. So if you change your mind within 3 days of joining us, you can recieve a 100% refund
  • If you don't agree that we are twice as good as any other UK dating agency, within 6 weeks of joining us, we will give you 100% refund towards another agency's joining fees
  • With our top membership, find your long-term partner within 24 months of joining us or we will refund your membership fee







19. Will the service definitely work for me?

No, we cannot make people like you, we can only introduce you to a much wider selection of people than you are likely to meet without us. We would not, however, offer you membership if we did not believe that our service was the best option in the UK for you. If you have a nice personality and are presentable then generally the service works very well; it will not work for people who are unpleasant, rude, cold or closed and defensive.

At your interview we will discuss the probability of success given your circumstances. If we do not believe we are the best agency for you, we will recommend other agencies more suitable for your needs. A good portion of our new members come through personal recommendations so it is important that our services work well for our members.

20. What do you expect of me?

We expect all members to be courteous, well-mannered, reliable, respect other members and have integrity. We expect you to act in a manner which we can be happy to have you represent our agency and feel excited to recommend you to other members.

21. What happens if I tell you a lie?

We expect every member to be honest with us. If you lie about your age, smoking, relationship status, etc. we will remove your membership without refund, as we you obtained our services through deception; our members deserve better. If, for example, you were married and still living with your wife, we would remove your membership AND press for criminal charges. All members have to sign a "Statement of Truth" with a legal declaration that everything they have told us is the truth and they have not withheld any relevant information (from nervous breakdowns to sexually transmitted diseases), which may have influenced our decision to accept them as members. We also require legal documents to check personal details (age, address, etc.).

22. How safe is your service?

We interview every new dating member in-depth, we insist on home addresses and home telephone numbers, we have photographs of every member and all members are required to sign a legally enforceable statement about themselves. We log and keep details of all dates for at least three years. We look into any complaints so we can maintain records on members who could be a problem and remove membership from people we are not happy with.

To stay a member with us, we must feel pleased to have you represent our agency. In our three decades of history we have had but one unpleasant incident, a guy stalked a member after they had lived together for a year; we however, keep details of everyone you have met and hold information so they can be traced. We take details from official documents such as passports and driving licenses, etc. However, all members should take normal precautions; to invite a date back to your place after a first date is unwise.

23. How confidential is your service?

Very, we have influential business people and world famous names. Indeed, one of the most famous people in the world has been our member, so your confidentiality is essential to us. We never use our trade name on outgoing calls; messages on answering phones are left ambiguous, if replayed in company, your guests wouldn’t have any idea what they were about.

Moreover, we do not keep records of your name, address, telephone number or photographs at our London offices. We do not use ‘serviced offices’ with thin walls so your conversations cannot be overheard by others, instead we interview you at our private flat in Central London. All waste paper is shredded and all members are required to sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement.

24. What if I am not happy?

Tell us! Feel free to discuss any problems with your advisor. If you are still not happy after talking to our Dating Service Manager, call our owner Alun Jenkins. Our job is to make you happy. We care about the success of our service and always strive for excellence. To be a member of our organisation is a privilege, as it is, to be of service to you. If you are still not satisfied, make use of our unique refund guarantee, where we will pay the joining fee of any other introduction agency in the world.


25. Are you a member of a trade association?

Yes. For your added security, we are full members of The Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA). We meet all the standards set by the industries Code of Practice although, undoubtedly, we operate to standards far in excess of these criterion.

The Executive Club of St James's Call Kathrine, she's lovely 07909 261035