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Exclusive Dating Agency

To give you the best chance at a happy, healthy relationship our aim is to not only match individuals, but also help people understand the traps and pitfalls of dating, learn how to put their best foot forward and discover how to develop a great relationship once they find that special one.

All clients attend a one to one interview lasting 2.5 to 5 hours. If we both think this is the right agency for you we take some basic details and your membership commences.

A member of our staff is allocated to become your personal consultant.

They will take your basic details and interests and complie a dating profile we read to our clients.

Whenever you want an introduction call your advisor they work 7pm to 9pm and they will recommend members to you, so you can decide if you would like to meet them.

Your advisor calls the other party to tell them of you and if they agree we pass over first names and telephone numbers so you can arrange to meet face to face.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan an expert relationship counsellor


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The Executive Club of St James's Call Kathrine, she's lovely 07909 261035