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How many times have you encountered a person that you wanted to date or been in a relationship which you felt could have gone a lot better if you only had said and done things differently? Navigating the dating world and managing relationships can be challenging – indeed a reason why you may have come to us.

Therefore, to give you the best chance at a happy, healthy relationship our aim is to not only match individuals, but also help people understand the traps and pitfalls of dating, learn how to put their best foot forward and discover how to develop a great relationship once they find that ‘special one’.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan has come to us for this very reason. We have noticed that those who have more guidance, feedback and understanding of dating and relationships are far more successful in finding and keeping the relationship of their dreams.

Kathrine will help you address any apprehensions you may have about dating, relationships or the opposite sex along the way as you meet and date our members. This will help you ensure that you not only find your right partner, but are able sustain the relationships over the long run.

For some people, during our lengthy interview process, we will pick up on issues or hurts that they are still harbouring from past relationships, which can hinder their success rate. If this is the case we may ask you to consider a few sessions of relationship consulting before we are able to welcome you as a client. *It is important to us that you approach dating with a positive and pleasant attitude.

Additionally, if you are not quite ready to join our agency or would like to work through some past relationship concerns, Kathrine can be available to see you separately.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan’s work covers:

  • Understanding and choosing the right partner for you
  • Learning what’s worked in the past and what’s hindered your success
  • Going on dates – the do’s and don’ts
  • How to advance a relationship from casual or friendship to something more
  • When and how to approach creating a physical or sexual connection
  • How to not waste your or your dates time and get to the point
  • What creates attraction between the sexes and how you can become more attractive to the opposite sex
  • How to take charge of your dating and relationship life
  • How to be successful in getting the man or woman of your dreams

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Please visit Kathrine’s personal site or visit her Huffington Post page to learn more about Dr. Bejanyan.

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