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We are an introduction agency designed for younger, single individuals seeking a committed relationship, women aged 24 to 49 and gentleman aged 28 to 59

At The Executive Club of St James's

London has the highest percentage of singles in the UK, meaning that it’s not just the capital of the UK, but also the capital of young, attractive, and single professionals. So with all these successful professionals, why are more not coupling off together and tying the knot?

Quite simply, most find that living in London is usually commitment enough. The cost of living and the lifestyle of residing in a hustling urban, metropolitan environment can be demanding, leaving little room for the enthusiasm, time and energy required to find the right partner.

Online dating is like junk food: it’s easy, it’s quick, it’s everywhere — and 99% of the time, it’s unsatisfying. This comes from everything moving faster, and no longer taking time to become friends before hopping beneath the sheets.

Middle-aged couple looking towards the future

At The Executive Club of St James’s we have been learning about relationships and connecting people for 30 years. We believe in love and romance, but we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one’s character, lifestyle, financial stability and values. So, if you meet your partner through us, then you can you can be sure of several things: they will match your professional aspirations, lifestyle, values and desire for a committed relationship.

Dating in London can be a near-impossible task of juggling career, friends and personal goals with actually meeting someone and seeing each other enough to become serious.

Some subtle changes of mindset, though, as well as knowing where to look, could make a huge difference to your love life. If you’re ready to turn to a dating agency for professionals in London for help, we’ve built an ultimate guide to successfully matching couples.

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