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Where would you like to find yourself this holiday season?

We want to help warm up your holidays and add a glow to your season's festivities. Call us now to see if we can help find you your special someone to create lasting memories with.

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We are an introduction agency designed for younger, single individuals seeking a committed relationship. We are successful for classy, intelligent ladies aged 24 to 49 and gentleman aged 28 to 59-ish with professional occupations.

When was the last time you stopped to catch your breath because of the person you were with or felt so connected to her that the room felt empty the second she walked out? Have you ever gone to a social event with someone you connect with so deeply that you both search for each other throughout the night, not to check-in but to recharge? Giving each other knowing glances and smiles across the room, his presence refreshes you, her smile revitalises.

When you have that connection, everything becomes better – going to the park feels like an adventure; making dinner, a culinary experience; even being stuck under the London rain feels romantic and dreamy.

Extraordinary relationships are so much more than a person’s love of music or a mutual love of stinky cheese (who doesn’t love cheese?)

The mundane becomes interesting and going for a drive together is the highlight of your weekend. Burdens are lifted and nights get lost in endless chatting, laughing and ….or at least they should be, right?

At The Executive Club of St James’s we have been learning about relationships and connecting people for 30 years. We believe in old world romance, in the power of love and relationships to move and inspire you, to elevate you and make you greater. But we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one’s character, lifestyle, financial stability and values.

We do not guarantee soulmates but we know that once you meet someone who challenges you and you feel your true self with, who doesn’t judge you (except for maybe your dad-dancing skills) you just cannot go back to or tolerate another mediocre relationship again.

We don’t just give you quality dates, we create lifetime relationships

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Meeting hundreds of people hoping one sticks, can work, but it’s going about it the hard way. Instead being introduced to the right calibre of people with similar relationship expectations is a much wiser approach.

Through our in-depth and comprehensive interview process and ongoing relationship support, we have created a hub for likeminded people, and continue to attract those who recognise the value of a romantic relationship and respect the organic, natural process of finding a partner and falling in love.

For over 30 years our matchmaking agency in London has provided professional dating services, catering to a niche market – intelligent, capable individuals with a variety of careers and professions (doctors, teachers, artists, etc.).Our highly educated staff, coupled with our many decades of experience, have taught us what these individuals are looking for and we are recognised as one of the leading specialists in our field of matchmaking.

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