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Try us for six weeks and if you don’t agree we are the finest professional introduction agency you could have joined, take a full refund towards any other dating agency in the world.

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We are an introduction agency designed for younger, single individuals seeking a committed relationship. We are successful for classy, intelligent ladies aged 24 to 49 and gentleman aged 28 to 59-ish with professional occupations.

We believe in old world romance, in the power of love and relationships to move and inspire you, to elevate you and make you greater.
By bringing together likeminded people who want the same things from a relationship – love, support, connection, respect – we introduce you to sincere, high-quality individuals and bring back the true meaning of love, romance and relationships.

With endless options available online, people have come to be seen as commodities and prevailing ideas of relationships are akin to transactions. You are under constant pressure to carefully market yourself, comparing superficial resumes with others, hoping that with enough persistence you’ll find your “true love” – your needle in the haystack. All the while being trained to lose site of individual worth and relationship values. You’re lost in the crowd and no closer to love.

We understand that love is mystical and magical, it’s not generated with algorithms. Meeting hundreds of people hoping one sticks, can work, but it’s going about it the hard way. Instead being introduced to the right calibre of people, who want the same thing from a relationship as you, is a much wiser approach and one that has been in use for hundreds of years.

Our introduction agency is the modern taken on organic, classical dating before the time of volumes of online dating profiles, sky-high failed relationship rates and cynicism and indifference towards dating, love and marriage.

Our belief is that successful long-term relationships are created through genuine connections and based on shared values, lifestyle and respect, none of which comes across when you’re staring at a static screen, endlessly comparing online profiles.

Through our in-depth and comprehensive 2.5-5 interview process and ongoing relationship support, we have created a hub for likeminded people, attracting those who recognise the value of a romantic relationship and respect the organic, natural process of finding a partner and falling in love.

We want to recapture the glamour of dating and the thrill of finding a lifetime partner, where a woman is excited about putting on a beautiful outfit and glamming up for a date and a man feels it’s his pleasure and privilege to take a lovely lady out on a date.

Our members are professional, intelligent attractive individuals who lead successful lives. They are selected for their views on relationships, their understanding of a genuine, honest romantic partnership and their ability to give and receive love and support to their partner. Our advisors carefully match our members on these quality characteristics (lifestyle, mindset, relationship beliefs, character, etc.) and a ‘real’ date is set, one that both individuals eagerly can look forward to!

We don’t just give you quality dates, we create lifetime relationships

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We believe in authenticity and connection and only offer membership under these three conditions:

  1. We genuinely believe we are the best personal introduction agency you could join.
  2. We believe our members would like to meet you and we are proud to introduce you to them.
  3. We must believe our service will be successful for you and know we have enough good matches at the time of your joining, to provide you with a good service from day one.

We have been selected by some of the most recognized people in the world (yes you know them) and exclusively featured over a 6 week BBC1 documentary as a leading introduction agency in the UK. Our relationship expert has written many articles on her research, which can be found online, and regularly publishes articles on the Huffington Post regarding dating and relationships.

Men We guarantee that within six weeks of joining, we will introduce you to two of the best dates of your life – warm, attractive, slim, intelligent and classy women. If you’re not impressed take 100% refund toward any other dating service in the world.

Women Within your first 6 weeks of joining, we guarantee to introduce you to two high quality gentlemen, who are genuinely seeking a lifetime partner or take a 100% refund towards any other dating agency in the World.

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Before contacting us, please read these three bits of important information.

1.  Where, when and how do you interview?    2.  Do I need a long or short interview?

3.  What are the levels and cost of membership?

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All the membership options and fees are clearly laid out for you. For a full list of questions and answers about our agency, please read over our FAQs.

Call Alun or Kathrine directly on 0790 926 1035 from Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm

You can try weekends, but no promises – we may be on the beach. 😉


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