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At The Executive Club of St James’s we have been learning about relationships and connecting people for 30 years. We believe in old world romance, in the power of love and relationships to move and inspire you, to elevate you and make you greater. But we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one’s character, lifestyle, financial stability and values.

We are an introduction agency designed for younger, single individuals seeking a committed relationship. We are successful for classy, intelligent ladies aged 24 to 49 and gentleman aged 28 to 59-ish with professional occupations.

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Meeting hundreds of people hoping one sticks, can work, but it’s going about it the hard way. Instead being introduced to the right calibre of people with similar relationship expectations is a much wiser approach.

Through our in-depth and comprehensive interview process and ongoing relationship support, we have created a hub for likeminded people, and continue to attract those who recognise the value of a romantic relationship and respect the organic, natural process of finding a partner and falling in love.


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We don’t just give you quality dates, we create lifetime relationships

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